When the country is being led by someone who is highly temperamental, erratic and unprincipled, it’s not time to pout, it’s time to take action. Consider these options.

  • Beware of filter bubbles in your life.
  • Protect Free Speech. Subscribe to news organizations (online or paper – don’t care). You have to be willing to pay for your news if you want it to remain fair and factual and you want transparency in your government. Its not free to report.
  • Put your money where your mouth is. Decide what’s important and contribute whatever you can to the groups that are going to defend what’s important to you.
  • Know your politicians. Know them at the local, state and federal level and how to get heard by them. For New Jersey, here are the state and federal representatives.
  • Take any action you can to increase transparency in government. Don’t propagate conspiracy theories but make it your business to know what’s going on and who is making decisions. Know what their connections are.
  • Remember that many things are still state influenced so work at the state level.

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