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Strava is Great when you’re Traveling

I learned this in riding in Austin, TX for the first time. A lot of traffic and intimidating roads. Okay, where do you go for 50 miles of cycling? Pull out Strava, do a local search for local athletes and […]

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FTP Is not a Badge

Its just a measurement. It can and will change over time and while its a good relative indicator of how well you can perform over time, its not a goal itself. FTP is a process measure, not an outcome measure. […]

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Situational Awareness Matters

Key Lesson: Be aware for anything. Pop Quiz: Heading down a narrow causeway at 20MPH and a hawk, carrying a still writhing snake heads straight at your helmet. What do you do? What do you do? Brake. Swerve and Curse. […]

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Distracted Driving – Please think of Cyclists

Things you just don’t want to see from your CycliqIQ Fly 6 rear facing light/HD camera. When you pause and zoom in the video you can see the phone in the drivers hand.

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Egg Muffin Breakfast or Cycling Portable

These have become my favorite breakfast and a very useful portable for cycling wrapped in Skratch Labs Paper and shoved in your Jersey pocket. For Breakfast I gulp down one of these and put another one on a whole wheat […]

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My Favorite Cycling Gear

I’m still a new cyclist. I’m also a cyclist (like many) with enough disposable income to waste on gadgets and gear. Stuff that won’t make me go one bit faster or longer but that I can’t live without anyway. Like […]

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3 Things this weekend That Made Me Love Life

Number 1 – Time at my Bike Store Strangely enough a failure turned into an opportunity. One of our cars which we don’t drive often had its battery fail last week in front of my bike store! I ended up having […]

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Focus Bikes Izalco Max Disc First Ride

I’ve been looking for a road bike. My friend J. at Halters Cycles has been great at making sure I wait to get what I want. His strong recommendation to me was the 2016 Focus Bikes Izalco Max Disc. It […]

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Gran Fondo NY 2016

The most important fitness goal I have right now is to finish the 2016 Gran Fondo NY in under 5.5hrs moving time and under 6.5hrs total time. The 2016 Event is 161km (100mi) in length. That means I have to be […]

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