Anguilla is one of those places where it is hard to be anything but relaxed. The weather is good almost all year around. The people are friendly. It is small. The beaches are excellent and the food is also excellent. We were married at Cap Juluca almost 10 years ago and have been back multiple times since. We’ve never had a bad trip.

Useful Places and Things to Know.

One issue that you will find with Anguilla is that everyone gives you directions as if you already know where the place is “Its in North Hill”. The map below has specific GPS co-ordinates in it so if you use it for directions you will get actual directions! Generally you can’t find many Anguilla businesses on Google Maps.

Reference Notes – Last Update April 5, 2016

  • You don’t have to eat-out in Anguilla all the time. If you have a place to prepare food in a private villa or something equivalent, the Best Buy in the West End is an excellent supermarket where you can get vegetables, dry goods, frozen goods, proteins – pretty much anything you could want. It’s also a good general pharmacy (not medicines, just OTC).
  • The issue with private Villa’s on Anguilla is that a lot of the water is still cistern water and so you will need to boil it to use it for consumption – okay to clean teeth, shower in etc. Therefore you should plan on getting bottled water for most of your cooking/drinking. The best place to get that is the large scale bottles – quite cheap – at the Aronel in The Valley (see the map above). Note though that they are only open weekdays – not weekends – so plan accordingly.
  • Geraud’s is a great French bakery for breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches, coffee, pastries, bread and general baking supplies.
  • Right next door to Geraud’s is Grand Vin de France which, as the name suggests is the place to buy good wine. You can get wine in most supermarkets – but why would you.
  • If you eat at any of the resorts, the food is generally good and the service is generally good however you should expect to pay a very high price. Of all the resort food we’ve eaten, Cuisinart has very good lunch food – however the service is quite slow as its a busy resort and Cap Juluca has the best dinner resort restaurants. Specifically Pimms. Spice is also good and its hard to beat the setting. For lunch Cap Juluca has Blue (formally Georges) and the setting is awesome but its very expensive lunch food.
  • In our opinion, Veya has the best overall cuisine and execution of high quality food on the island. Its not a typical ‘beach’ restaurant – being not on a beach at all – but the atmosphere is very relaxing, the service is excellent, the food execution is very good and the flavor profile and uniqueness nails it. Strong recommendation.
  • Blanchards Beach Shack is a wonderful place to get island fast food and drinks. Great beach, very relaxed wonderful for kids and adults a like
  •  On the other end of the scale, we’ve eaten at Blanchards main restaurant 5 times and it never lives up to the hype. Over priced, well marketed but generally bland and inconsistently executed. It goes to show you what you can do when you publish a book and have a great location.
  • Renting a car in Anguilla is easy and reasonably cheap. I recommend Ronnie Bryan and Bryans car rentals (again, see map). Ronnie will deliver to your villa or resort. He’s a high service guy. Don’t expect to get your typical Hertz or Avis kind of car but it will be clean and reliable and you won’t drive too far or too much.
  • Ronnie is also a competitive cyclist (or was) so those who want bicycles or gear can get it delivered by Ronnie too. At time of this writing that was somewhere between $15 and $20/day, including helmet. In my case I bought my own pedals, helmet, bike computer etc and he bought the bike and the necessary tools to help me put those pieces on.
  • Getting to the island we flew into St Maarten and took GB Ferries (speedboat) across. This is the pricey way (about $70 each) to do it and frankly a little inconvenient (clear St Maarten customs, get your bag, drive a short distance to the boat, clear St Maarten Customs, get on the boat, get off on Anguilla, clear Anguilla customs get your rental car etc). You can do the same thing with the public Ferry which is cheaper (about $20 each) but you have to get a taxi to the Ferry from the airport.
  • For the cost difference, the other way to do it (about $90/person) is to take Air Anguilla Services (AAS) from SXM directly to Wallblake in Anguilla. This way, your luggage is checked through and you don’t have to clear customs twice in St Maarten. So if you want to save the money use the ferry. If you want convenience, spend the cash and co-ordinate with AAS (8 minute flight).

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