Number 1 – Star Wars The Force Awakens in 3D

I admit it. I’m the generation (that’s X) which saw the original Star Wars (Number 4) in the movie theatre. This was the second time I’d seen number 7 and the first time in 3D. I loved that it wasn’t gimmicky 3D and I love the movie in general. I thought JJ did a fantastic job. Noah and Grace came with me and loved every minute of it to.

Number 2 – Improvement in a PD Curve

Beth likes to remind me that I’ve only been riding for 6 months and that I can’t expect to be a World Class cyclist yet. Like most things I do they’re all data driven. You can see my general Limiters below when you look at my power duration capabilities. These are things I’ve been working on for a while now. The second chart below is my current Power Duration Curve (which is pretty good for a cyclist that is 6 months young but a long way from where I need to be). I have very good sprinting power, generating over 1000W in a 5 second period, and I have pretty good staying power over 2-5hrs but my glycolytic system was challenged in the 2-5 minute range. This weekend I was able to finally improve it to be at least above ‘Fair’. A long way to go but a good start.


Power Duration CurvePower Duration Curve

Number 3 – Favorite Valentines Day Card

This one was too good to be true. A very smart young lady (7yo) in Noah’s class gave him this Valentines Day Card. When we talked to her mom, she confirmed it was all her own idea and work. She knows my boy is Star Wars obsessed.

Valentines Card