Number One – Family Day at an NJ Devils Game

We decided this year we’re going to do things. Not just ‘fix the house’ or ‘run errands’ or ‘do chores’. Our first attempt at that this year was an NJ Devils NHL Hockey Game. None of us follow the NHL but we had a blast. The kids had an awesome time just listening to the entertainment and watching the ‘rough’ sport (Noah’s eyes went big). It certainly wasn’t a cheap day but it was well worth it!

  • 4 Tickets: $350
  • Parking: $45
  • Lunch: $65
  • Merchandise $100

Total for the day $560. Still worth it. What an awesome day. Everyone had fun.

Prudential Center

Number Two – A Boy at a Birthday Party

One of the joys (ha ha) of parenting is having to take kids to the plethora of birthday parties that kids get invited to – seems like almost every weekend. Parents get to make small talk while kids involve in some form of game or other activity. This one was slightly different. It was held at a local Karate studio where kids (and parents) got to workout as a group. Suffice it to say, everyone had a blast. Noah in particular loved the freedom of hitting and kicking a heavy bag.

The Punch The Kick









Number 3 – Queen

Flying trans-atlantic on Sunday night allowed me to get back in touch with music I hadn’t listened to for a while. In this case, the always amazing Queen. Freddy and the band were genius. My playlist:

  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Another One Bites the Dust
  • Fat Bottomed Girls
  • Flash
  • We will rock you
  • We are the champions
  • I want it all
  • I want to break free
  • Hammer to fall

Repeat until fall asleep – and have it playing when you wake up.