This one’s a little late – however, better late than never.

Number One – Reverse Date Night

We do pretty well at organizing date nights, however they usually involve a babysitter coming to our house and us leaving it for a random restaurant or bar. We managed to sneak in a two hour date night thanks to this wonderful place in Hillsborough NJ. We dropped the kids off and then came home, turned on music, opened wine, cooked dinner together and just talked (yes, really). Having a date night in your own home is better than having it out!

Date Night at Home

Number Two – Selling Your House Without Marketing It

We’d decided to move in a year. We were planning to change school districts and also pick a house that we wanted. We’ve relocated the past three times that we’ve moved and generally you have two weeks to pick a house and be done. This time we want to pick a house in a location that we want. It’s not that we don’t like where we live – it just wasn’t our first choice.

We put our house up on with a few photos and a “make me move” price. The price was one that we really never believed we would get. Two weeks later a real estate agent knocked on our door asking if they could show our house. Two days after that we had our first offer. We turned the offer down (good but not great and we didn’t need to move). A week later someone else knocked on our door and said they wanted to buy the house. We told them to come back with a realtor. They did the next day and 1 hour later we had a full price offer. 1 day after that the first bidder came back with a competing full price offer. Now we’re out of attorney review and moving on to the next phase of life. No showings. No sellers realtor fee and getting exactly what we wanted.

Number Three – Watching a Girl on A Scooter

My daughter Grace is five. She’s a great natural athlete though she’s still working out some of her basic fears when she feels out of control. Last weekend I got to spend an hour standing in the street with her while she increasingly built her confidence up by going faster and faster and experimenting on her scooter. Its the little things that make you love life. Of course there is the obligatory break for snow-bank walking.

Scooter Break