Number 1 – Time at my Bike Store

Strangely enough a failure turned into an opportunity. One of our cars which we don’t drive often had its battery fail last week in front of my bike store! I ended up having to call AAA to jump start it so I could bring it home (it’s being donated to the National Psoriasis Foundation tomorrow). While I was waiting for AAA to arrive, I of course spent 45 minutes in Halters at Skillman, talking bikes and browsing the store.

Number 2 – Sunday Morning Tennis Lesson

I’ve never played tennis competitively (though I’m competitive about my tennis). I started to take lessons once a week 6 months ago just for fun (and to be able to play with my wife – so to speak). Now, of course, like most things I try, I want to be better, better, better. My playing today absolutely sucked. Worst it’s been for a long time but at least I was out there trying.

Number 3 – Watching my boy at his Swim Lesson

A simple 30 minutes of a  7 year old doing his best to #liveflatout and get better each day. 300 yards is not to bad for a 7 year old in 1/2 an hour.


If I could have some others then it would be watching Nasa and Space X launch a Falcon 9 with the Jason-3 Satellite on it – thanks to Nasa live TV, followed closely by these Red Wine Poached Pears.

Nasa TV Live - Jason-3 launch

Nasa TV Live – Jason-3 launch

Red Wine Poached Pears