Number 1, Kids and Lollypops

I take my kids to get haircuts at Ma Coupe in Skillman, NJ. Ben does a nice job there and they get to use their French language fluency with him as he’s native Algerian. The best part for them is that they always get to have a Lollypop at the end. They’re awesome together.


2. The first ride on the 2016 Focus Izalco Max Disc

What an amazing bike. All I can say is see this post.

3. This Mushroom Quinoa

Along with the Pork Tenderloin and Mushroom Jus…Flavorful, low fat, high protein and full of whole grains.


Not to mention this baked pineapple and ice cream..If you’re going to do dessert, no reason it can’t be healthy. Ice Cream from Bent Spoon of course!


Then if I could have some others…

Watching my 7yo play Star Wars Battlefront in Multiplayer mode on his Xbox One for the first time; Watching the kids improve in their Swim Lessons; Quiet time with my wife (you know what I mean).

+1 Just because

This wine. 2013 Roar Pinot Noir, Rosella’s Vineyard. It was smooth with a long finish that went well with, well, everything (and nothing). My rating, an 8/10. $85.