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3 Things this Weekend that Made Me Love Life

Number 1 – Star Wars The Force Awakens in 3D I admit it. I’m the generation (that’s X) which saw the original Star Wars (Number 4) in the movie theatre. This was the second time I’d seen number 7 and […]

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Gran Fondo NY 2016

The most important fitness goal I have right now is to finish the 2016 Gran Fondo NY in under 5.5hrs moving time and under 6.5hrs total time.┬áThe 2016 Event is 161km (100mi) in length. That means I have to be […]

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Isolated Leg Training, Left Only Power Meters and Trainerroad

The post below is a year or two old now. It’s still relevant but if you’ve landed here, there’s a chance your also still working out cycling software. This site that I was made aware of has good information that […]

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