These photos were taken Monday 22 Feb. Unfortunately the workshop was overcrowded as we’d placed outdoor furniture in it from the snowstorm.

The workshop was built in 2013 as an accessory building to the house. It was fully permitted for structure, electrical, insulation etc. The workshop interior is 26’x28′. All permits are current and available. The CO for the shop is available. It has its own electrical service with separate sub panel. The framing was done so that it can serve as a double garage. Currently the left hand side garage opening has solid wood, custom made double outswing doors that leave an extra wide opening for entry of equipment and materials. The shop floor level is flush with the driveway, allowing for smooth entry into the shop. The second garage door opening has been bricked in and has windows in the upper half. If someone wanted to convert it to a double garage, the framing is already done, the windows would need to be removed and the brick cut through however it is possible. (though why would you?!).

Front – South Facing

Front - South

Side – East Facing

Side - East

Side – West

Side - West

Rear – North Facing

Rear - North

Electrical – Panel


Interior – Dust Collection Area

Dust Collection Area

East Wall

East Wall

North Wall

North Wall

Workbench Area

Workbench Area

North West Corner

NW Corner

Table Saw Area

Table Saw Area

Insulated Rafter Space

Rafter Space

Concrete Floor Covering


Hanging Power Tool Supply


Double door from Interior