Behind the Scenes of Beauty – Family

Over the weekend I was cleaning out my Time Capsule (security camera clips, photos etc). That inadvertently led to a review of my Photos library which led me to this post. (Which is essentially a celebration of my family).

The short version is that we took our annual Thanksgiving trip to Sedona, AZ this year for some family hiking. We spent one of those days in the Grand Canyon and one outcome of that day trip was a couple of good photos including this one.

What got me thinking about this is not the photo above, but the photo below. This photo was taken at the end of a long day, a lot of walking and a lot of patience. Mostly that patience and caring from my wife who knew how badly I wanted to do a Grand Canyon sunset photo and was prepared to let us all wait in the crowds and the VERY F’N COLD weather. We waited for an hour and a half for the right light and while it looks nice and serene in the end result, the photo below shows what it was really like. The part I love about this is our two wonderful kids who ran, played and enjoyed while Dad stood there at his tripod, adjusting and waiting for the most correct light.

Love them all. They help me live life flatout.



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