I’ve been looking for a road bike. My friend J. at Halters Cycles has been great at making sure I wait to get what I want. His strong recommendation to me was the 2016 Focus Bikes Izalco Max Disc. It comes in a Shimano Mechanical, a Dura Ace or an SRAM Red 22 version.

He managed to get the dealer to loan me one and I went out on it for the first time this afternoon.

Wow! My other bikes include a GT Grade Carbon and a Specialized Pro Crux Carbon. The Izalco Max crushes them all.

It’s stiff. It’s responsive. Its light (about 15lb all in). It’s a rocket ship. The end. The demo I have has the Shimano Mechanical groupset which I’ve never cared for and certainly when I buy it I’ll get the SRAM Red version but even with the lower quality groupset it was amazing. I felt 6km/h (4 mi/h) faster (could be the training but I’m going to give it to the bike).

Also, it looks hot!


Well, enough of my gushing, here’s the last little bit from my ride this afternoon.