The post below is a year or two old now. It’s still relevant but if you’ve landed here, there’s a chance your also still working out cycling software. This site that I was made aware of has good information that covers a lot of cycling software (and other) information.

So I learned something yesterday.

In my workout calendar for the week I had 45 minutes of Cadence Spinups and Isolated Leg Training. As a beginning cyclist I’m working on the muscle memory and muscle recruitment to make the most efficient pedal stroke I can.

Its dark and cold most of the times I’m able to ride at the moment and practicing pedal drills is generally easier (and safer) on a trainer than it is on the road.

I currently have my GT Grade set up on my Wahoo Kickr trainer. I use the trainerroad software on my Mac to control the Kickr and I project it through Apple TV to a nice TV in front of me. A nice little setup you can see here.

My awesome GT Grade

My awesome GT Grade

..and here is the TV attached to the wall with the trainerroad display. (the music stand in the background holds my Mac)

TrainerRoad (and Zwift) display

For completeness (and here is where I screwed up), my GT Grade has a Stages Cycling left crank power meter (Shimano 105 Groupset) on it. I love the Stages Power Meter and I’m very happy with it.

My learning came when I tried to get onto the Isolated Leg Training part of the workout. I’d run this workout before but on a different bike (I have an addiction) without a crank based power meter and with a regular cadence magnet.

The trainerroad profile was set up with a warmup, a section for the spinups and a section for the ILT’s followed by the cool down. You can see it below.


Trainerroad Profile

The problem came when running the ILT’s. Left leg, no problem, right leg – workout stops and display freezes. To do my ILT’s I literally remove my foot from the speedplay cleats and drive with one leg. What I observed when I removed my left leg was that the cadence stopped registering (and the power) on the Ant+ channel. No cadence, non workout – the workout is set to stop when cadence goes below (a very lazy) 50 RPM. The cadence is provided by the power meter which I have since worked out requires some force on it to register the cadence count. During ILT’s, by definition, there’s no force on the left crank.

So that’s what I learned yesterday! I’ll have to disable the power meter for this workout the next time and add a cadence magnet instead (or change bikes 🙂 ).

I did finish the workout, however it was more left leg isolated, right leg emphasized – but at least I did something.